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5 Low Budget Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Growing a small business is no easy task—but it is possible when you have the right tools and knowledge to increase your small business’ presence both online and in the local community. If you are on a tight budget, consider the following low budget marketing ideas that will help you improve your small business marketing, gain more customers, and improve your overall business.

#1 Use Review Management Software to Boost Your Local Visibility

One of the best ways to take advantage of small business marketing is through review management software. Review management software is a unique way you can increase your local visibility, gaining more customers both through short-term and long-term methods by ensuring that your business is found when people are in the local area. Best of all, this method is highly budget friendly. Get Savvy Digital offers online review management software and review response services at an affordable rate for small businesses.  

#2 Utilize Social Media to Boost Online Presence

Social media is essential for small business marketing in today’s world. Customers can ask questions and interact with your business using social media; and you can market everything from current products and services to new hours or special promotions. Your small business should be operating at least one social media page on a popular site such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. If you are new to social media or don’t have the time to run you page, you can hire a small business marketing agency to do it for you.

#3 Take Advantage of Online Advertising

If you’ve spent anytime online, you’ve probably already noticed it: online advertising is everywhere! And since it is everywhere, it is also key to getting your business noticed on a local level. Advertising can be utilized through sites such as Google and Facebook, which are both ideal for small businesses. You can attempt advertisement management yourself or hand it over to a professional marketing team.

#4 Consult a Professional Business Growth Consultant

If your small business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like—or as fast as you projected—then you should consult with a professional business growth consultant. A consultant will be able to help you target key marketing, financial and other factors that could be impacting your small business’s growth.

#5 Encourage Customers to Review Through Promotional Schemes

One of the easiest low budget marketing ideas you can take advantage of is encouraging your customers to leave reviews on your business. When they do, the more visible you will be and the more likely it is that people will make the decision to choose your business. Encouraging reviews can be as simple as posting a reminder on receipts, posting signs, handing out review generation cards or through low-budget promotional offers, such as offering a small discount for customers who leave feedback on their experiences.

Remember: The best way to manage your small business’s marketing is through a professional team who is experienced in helping small businesses grow. If you are a small business on a budget, Get Savvy Digital is a great option for social media, online review management and all of your small business marketing needs.

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