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How To Get #1 Rankings On Google

Getting to a #1 ranking on Google is no easy task, regardless of your niche or the type of products you offer. Your strategy for ranking higher in Google search results will depend on how well you implement SEO tactics.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a set of practices that work within Google’s algorithm preferences to optimize your website and content. With SEO, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to optimize for the best possible SEO:

Search Ranking Factors

The first step of any SEO strategy is reviewing the main search ranking factors. Assess the state of your website and online presence when it comes to the following:

         ·         Secure site/HTTPS

·         Page speed

·         Mobile friendliness

·         Domain Age/URL/Authority

·         Optimized content

·         Technical SEO

·         User experience

·         Links

·         Social signals

·         Business information


As a business owner, what you need to know about these search ranking factors is that they all influence the quality of user experience in some way. The better the user experience, the more easily your website will climb the ranks of Google over other, unoptimized websites. Google’s algorithm favors SEO, so the more effectively you implement it, the more easily you will be found online.

Keyword Research

When it comes to developing SEO-optimized content, keyword research is the first step. What will users type into the Google Search bar to find your business? That’s what keywords are for — by optimizing your content with keywords your target audience is likely to use, you’ll climb Google’s ranks.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to the optimization of your web pages. That includes both content optimization and page optimization (for example, optimizing title tags, meta tags, images, and page speed).

Technical SEO

On the other hand, technical SEO has to do with optimizing the website itself. With technical SEO, you should be looking at:

            ·         Sitemap;

·         Indexing;

·         Crawlability of important resources;

·         Crawl budget;

·         Internal links.


Backlinks are links on other websites that lead to your content, and they are an important signal of site authority. In other words, when there are a lot of links online leading to your content, this tells Google that your website deserves to be ranked high in searches.

Google My Business

Having a Google My Business page set up is invaluable for a business’ online presence, especially for local businesses. It greatly enhances your discoverability, as Google will show your business in any searches that contain relevant keywords — especially to customers who are close by and looking for a business like yours.

Content Strategy

Finally, a good content strategy is what will allow you to implement all of these optimization practices and more. Your content is supposed to showcase your expertise and draw customers in by showing them you can solve their problems with your product or service.

SEO can be overwhelming, as there’s a lot to learn. Many business owners find that they simply don’t have the time for it, even if it means a huge competitive advantage. But why not keep on doing what you do best, and leave SEO to seasoned professionals?

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