How to Start an Online Business - 12 Easy Steps to Launching a Business

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How to Start an Online Business

    • Sarah Stashuk
    • May 24, 2020

    Wondering how to start an online business? Here are 12 easy steps to starting your online business to offer any service or product through a website and social media platforms from initial market research to launching your first campaign. Read on!

    1. Write down on paper in as much detail as possible the profile of your ideal customer - geography, income, job title, family status, age, problems.

    2. Write down on paper how you can help that person and put together the package of what you would offer and what you would charge, such as $9.99/mo.

    3. Go to Facebook and find 5-6 groups where your target audience exists and post an offer to win a free gift card to participate in a 15-min survey. Get at least 30 people to volunteer (or probably 2X that, because not everyone will follow up). 30 is the magic statistically relevant number, so that is the minimum number of people you need to survey or interview before you invest in any new business. If you are investing a significant amount of money, you should interview at least 100 people in your target audience.

    4. Write down all the detailed questions you are going to ask in the survey to include scaled responses about the proposed product or service (definitely would buy, probably would buy, etc.) at a certain price point, how long they would pay for it, how this would benefit them, what types of content or service they would value, what they would expect for this service, what would cause them to keep or cancel this service, etc.

    5. Size your market by estimating how many people of those people exist and multiplying the response rates as follows: 30% X "probably would buy" and 80% X "definitely would buy". Calculate the size and potential revenue for the market.

    6. Determine your initial upfront costs, fixed recurring costs, and variable recurring costs associated with running this business, and determine the break-even point (how many customers you need before you break even on your investment and how long that will take). If everything looks good, then move forward with the next steps...

    7. Determine the business name and register it with the state or local county.

    8. Create a business plan to include a marketing plan and budget.

    9. Get a logo and set up social media profiles.

    10. Create a content calendar / plan for regular posting and set realistic goals for growing those followings, such as 10 followers per week.

    11. Create a website and landing page for people to sign up and purchase the product or service.

    12. Find a marketing agency and launch your first advertising campaign!

    Good luck! Need help? Just give us a call!

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