Redesigning Your Website For A Post Pandemic World


Redesigning Your Website For A Post Pandemic World

Now businesses across the country and around the globe are shut down due to the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic that has rippled through the economy, reaping turmoil, uncertainty and stagnation. This government-mandated shutdown can be very stress-producing and difficult for business owners, because they are receiving countless bills that they are unable to pay, due to lack of incoming revenue.

However, some good things can come out of this lockdown, as smart business owners and marketers use the time for productive planning and training. Most successful business owners agree that a website is their most important digital marketing investment, because it is the first place they send prospects to learn about them. So how can business owners use this down time most productively? Now is the perfect time to plan a better website for your post-pandemic success.

Try these 6 easy tips to redesign your website to fit into the world after the pandemic.

1. Review Your Business and Set Proper Goals

Let's say that one of the main reasons why you created a website in the first place was because you saw your competitors creating theirs, and then you decided to hop onto the idea without thinking. Now, I will tell you for free that proper evaluation of business aims and objectives will help you set website goals that will fit perfectly into the plan. The world is already in disarray, and it would be very careless of you to make the same mistake twice. Start the planning process now to better understand your business strategy and objectives. That way, you have a better chance of improving sales, generating leads, converting clients, and ranking higher on Google. Now set your goals, and watch your business boom!

2. Create A Feeling Of Empathy

The second on our list has got to be this!  Remember that the keyword is "pandemic". The last thing any client would want is for a provider of service to forcefully compel them to buy something. Let your potential clients know that you care about their welfare. How do you achieve this? By carefully indicating that your products and services are your own means of relieving them of the pandemic stress. Leverage their pain points and use words that can melt the heart and appeal to emotions. You need to understand this and strategically apply it where needed.

3. Create A Page For Covid-19 Inspirations

Other than seeking clients or customers to buy your products, you should try to think of a way to let your customers know that you are also looking out for them during these difficult times. Consider creating a space on your website or social media channels to post a daily note, quote, or tip to inform or inspire your audience throughout the covid-19 pandemic. You can use the channel as a means of exerting hope, creating joy, and instilling positivity in the mind of your audience. Remember, every piece of covid-19 information does not need to be about safety. You can also teach and inspirt them.

4. Have Your Current Customers In Mind

What does this mean? It means that you don't keep your current customers out of the picture while redesigning.

Before making changes to your website, bear in mind that you have returning clients who keep patronizing you. Now, it might be difficult for you to stick to your old brand packaging or do some major adjustments. Note that, when you do this, some of the clients might start feeling withdrawn because they no longer get to see what attracted them in the first place. No matter what you do, your client's interest should come first! Part of the major reasons why a questionnaire is being suggested so you get a thorough idea of what they think.

5. Indicate a Simple And Clear Call-to-Action

What is a good website design without a call to action buttons placed at strategic places? While redesigning your website. The major aim of creating a business website is to generate leads, push/drive traffic to your website, get the traffic to view your website contents, and then compel instant buying actions. 

Your website should be one that is being designed bearing clear intentions in mind. You can't expect people to take action and you are not directing them to the action to take, it's not done that way. Examples of call to action buttons include: Buy now, download now, click here, contact us, etc. I'm sure you understand now. It's your responsibility to ensure that you don't deprive your clients of call-to-action buttons and tabs, make everything clear, it's really important.

6.  Contact Experienced and Talented Website Developers

Do you know what they said about saving the best for the last? Great! While you might be tempted to create or redesign your website on your website by yourself, it's not always advisable to do so.  It's very important that you contact a very experienced website developers, such as Get Savvy Digital, to help you turn your ideas into a beautiful creation. Most of them understand what it means to have a profitable website so they can always be the best bet. Also, make sure that you contact trusted persons that have proven themselves worthy.


I really hope that these ideas above serve as a helpful guide to help you as you make to implement them after this pandemic is gone. For consultations and amazing ideas on how to kickstart or get back your online business on its feet, contact us via

Good luck and stay well!

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