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What Is Online Reputation Management?

    • Jessica Smith
    • May 21, 2020

    When customers look for businesses in your local area, they rely on prominent search engines and review websites like Google and Yelp to provide them with the most reputable brand in your area. Your local business star ratings on sites like Yelp and Google can influence customers’ decisions when they’re looking for businesses like yours.

    In the event that you have a highly reputable brand in your local area, your business will appear on the first page of the search results.

    Now, local business owners have to be shrewd in keeping their businesses in front of their target group. This is where online reputation and business reputation management comes in to play.

    Online reputation management or ORM relates to how a company manages its business reviews and search outcomes on the internet. This is the system you put in place to know how customers perceive your business in your local area. Online reputation management is not just pertinent to web-based businesses, because online reviews can determine whether customers visit businesses on location. Failure to pay attention to your business's online reputation can be determinental to your brand and bottom line.

    Here’s Why

    1.    Customers habitually depend on online research to make a purchase.

    Nowadays, customers go all-out to know the company they are dealing with before they pick a local business to outfit them with their needs. They achieve this through online research on the business that is under consideration. Whether you are a startup company or a veteran in your industry, being reputable in your local area will single your business out in the nearby searches of customers. A customer will almost certainly pick a business with a 5-star rating in the nearby search result page on Google or Yelp.

    2.    Playing a game of roulette (chance) with your company’s online reputation can cause upheaval.

    It is almost impossible to please everyone. As a business owner with an online presence, from time to time you'll get some negative reviews. However, responding quickly to your business's reviews (both positive and negative) can reduce upheaval and help your business to grow. Online reputation management software can immediately alert you whenever someone leaves you a bad review across any number of third party sites and lets you easily respond with the click of a button. Imagine how easy this will make your life.

    3.    Online reviews boost your search engine rankings.

    If you are not in possession of the facts about Google’s most recent algorithm updates, know this. Google’s newest algorithm’s design is very strict and does not favor sites that offer contemptible customer experience. The quickest way to land your brand at the lowest bottom of Google’s search result page is to ignore how people perceive your brand on the internet. Your reputation online has direct consequences on your discoverability on nearby searches for your local business. If you want customers to find your business on the maps apps, and nearby searches for restaurants, cleaners and so on, you have to manage your online reputation. It simply really, increased star ratings on local searches means more customers.

    4.    Gives you invaluable customer insight

    When it comes to outfitting customers with the best experience, you have to perpetually evolve with your business and make it easy for them to locate online. Online Reputation management enables you to know what customers cherish about your business, how fulfilled they are with your business as well as their suggestions for making your business better. By knowing these things and managing them accordingly, you won’t only improve your business for your regulars; rather, you’ll make your business more compelling for new customers to subscribe to.

    How to manage your brand’s online reputation?

    Despite the fact that some people will say that there’re two ways you can manage your business reputation online; Online management software and reputation management companies. In reality (mostly in my opinion), there’s just one. This is in light of the fact that the former is an integral part of the latter. At the end of the day, it all boils down to having a negativity-proof online reputation strategy. Sounds complicated? Let’s talk about online management software and reputation management companies.

    Online reputation management software

    Online reputation management software refers to the tools and strategies used by a company to organize and control customer’s feedback about their business in real-time. These apps and sites deliver reviews posted by customers on sites like Google, Yelp Facebook and so on. Since customers typically rely on a brand’s star ratings (aggregated customer reviews) on search engines like Google or Yelp, this software boosts local businesses discoverability on listing sites. This Software aggregates reviews from up to 70 review websites, where the business may be listed. Along these lines, empowering local business owners to easily monitor, respond and generate online reviews. This software generates online reviews by uploading customers’ contact info so that business owners can request for reviews.

    Reputation Management Companies

    Reputation management companies are hired by business owners to help them improve how customers perceive their brand on the internet. These companies use strategies and tools to collect information with regards to a company’s review within a digital space. They also use workflow tools to quicken, check, and improve tasks with customers. In the event that there are anomalies as regards the brand’s online reputation, reputation management companies will send real-time notifications to the brand to mitigate the crises.

    In our modern-day society, leaving your business to chances will more often than not lead to its departure from the top page of every search engine, especially Google's nearby search page. If you want to increase your local business' discoverability in nearby searches, you need to manage your brand's online reputation. With this, you'll have better star ratings, and your business will become the first choice of customers in your local area.  

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